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The History of Global Climate Change Essay - 1390 Words

Earth has experienced many episodes of dramatic climate changes with different periods in earth history. There have been periods during which the entire planet has been covered in ice and at another time it has been scorchingly hot and dry. In this regards, earth has experienced at least three major periods of long- term frigid climate and ice ages interspersed with periods of warm climate. The last glacial period which current glaciers are the result of it, occurring during the last years of Pleistocene, from approximately 110,000 to 10,000 years age (Clayton, 1997). Indeed, glaciers present sensitive indicators of climate change and global warming and by estimating and monitoring the dynamic evolution of these ice masses, several†¦show more content†¦Remote sensing has become a very valuable tool for documenting the response of glacier to changing climate (Bamber and Kwok, 2003; Kuhn, 2007; Pellikka, 2007; Solomon et al, 2007) because the rugged terrain, inaccessibility an d legendary poor weather of glacier areas has resulted in relatively few field- based studies. Indeed, in order to use glaciers and their changes as indicators of climate change, or as an early warning signal for sea level rise, remote sensing is the only tool to provide glacier change information from all the continents and from a large number of glaciers and ice sheets. On the other hands, because space borne and airborne remote sensing data provide superior cost- effective and area effective data and methods for monitoring the glaciers and their changes, part of this monitoring can be carried out by it. Glacier topography is one of the most important parameter to monitor as it is a key to glacier volume and glacier mass balance studies using the geodetic method. Topography of glacier can be mapped using various data types such as terrestrial photography, aerial photography, digital camera data, airborne radar data, satellite radar data (SAR), very high resolution satellite imager y and laser scanner data. By means of interferometric processing DEM could be retrieved by Synthetic aperture radar images withShow MoreRelatedClimate Change : A Changing For A Brighter Future1485 Words   |  6 PagesClimate Change: A Changing For A Brighter Future About 4.543 billion years ago, planet earth was created. As the years went on, the earth was starting to support life. Anything from bacterias, insects, animals and humans were starting to prosper and this was becoming a problem for the earth. As the earth was starting to support new forms of live, many of it resources were being used up and as a result, problems were arising. Problems such as is there enough water, food and resources were questionsRead MoreThe Climate Crisis And Its Effects On The Environment1428 Words   |  6 PagesThe climate crisis is a defining struggle of our age bringing political, economic, religious, and environmental tensions and conflicts to surface. At this moment in history a great transitional worldview needs to take place, but is depressingly out of reach, and humankind seems woefully unprepared/interested to confront monumental challenges and change. The climate change crisis directly affects planetary boundaries, ecological cycles, and limitati ons on a domestic and international level. It isRead MoreClimate Change : Global Warming875 Words   |  4 PagesThroughout the earth’s history, global climate patterns have fluctuated, with these climate patterns going through glacial retreat and advance (NASA 2014). Currently the earth is experiencing a retreat, this significant trend single handily points to human influence being the dominant cause of the observed temperature rise in global climate patterns since the mid-century (NASA 2014). The warming of global climate systems is undisputable supported by unprecedented observations, based upon direct measurementsRead MoreClimate Change And Global Warming1433 Words   |  6 Pagescentury. Little changes in the average temperature of the Earth can result into big and possibly to dangerous shifts in climate and weather. Rising temperatures around the world have been accompanied by differences in weather and climate. A lot of places have already seen changes in rainfall wh ich resulted in an increase in floods, droughts, or intense rain, as well as more continual and dangerous heat waves. The Earth’s oceans and glaciers have also experienced some great changes - oceans are warmingRead MoreGlobal Warming Is The Rise1536 Words   |  7 PagesGlobal warming is the rise in the earth’s average atmospheric temperature. When sunlight heats the ground surface, it releases most of the solar energy it has absorbed as infrared radiation. Then what is known as the â€Å"greenhouse effect† occurs, this is where the gases in the atmosphere absorb the re-radiated infrared radiation and the escape of these gases being released into space is prevented. As long as the composition of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere does not change, the heat in the atmosphereRead MoreThe Threat of Global Warming May Lead to Global Cooling Essay1631 Words   |  7 Pagesaccurate definition of global warming it can be roughly defined as a rise in average global te mperature according to Laurence Pringle’s book Global Warming Assessing the Greenhouse Threat (19). Global Warming Assessing the Greenhouse Threat also bring up that the average temperature data that scientist are using only goes back to 1860 giving scientists today only 150 years of temperature data. Also, with this current warming, even with humans contributing to the rising average global temperature, scientistRead MoreClimate Change is a Natural Phenomenon1556 Words   |  7 Pages Climate change has been an extremely controversial topic in recent history and continues to create much debate today. Many questions concerning climate change’s origins and its potential affect on the globe are not fully understood and remain unanswered. What is climate change? Is climate change happening? Is it a natural cycle of the world or are there other catalysts involved such as human activity? What proof is there? What data correlations show climate change is accelerated by humansRead More Political History of Global Warming Essay1101 Words   |  5 PagesPolitical History of Global Warming There is a lot of ambiguity surrounding the theory of global warming and the proper political response to it. At the very center of the scientific debate on the variability of global climate is to what extent human activities influence climate change. Another unforeseeable is whether the potential impacts of climate change will be harmful or beneficial for humans, managed agriculture, and natural ecosystems. Some question the authority with which currentRead MoreHuman And Natural Climate Change1485 Words   |  6 Pageswondered what could possibly be causing the change in our temperature? This essay delves into the meaning of climate change along with the human and natural processes that alter the globes atmospheric temperatures over a long period of time. It includes various mechanisms and feedbacks, the history of climatic change, human roles/impacts, as well as my own position on the subject. Natural Climate Change The focus of this section is to explore natural climate change- which occurs without any human influenceRead MoreThe Rationalization Of Global Warming1333 Words   |  6 PagesRationalization of Global Warming Global Warming is one of the most recent discussions within the scientific community and throughout its path towards acceptance scientist in agreeance with the model have to provide evidence of support for their claim. Kuhn’s process of discovery states that normal science is only thrown into a paradigm shift when a crisis emerges within the paradigm and the discoveries within the crisis lead to a revolution towards a new normal science. Within the scientific community

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Differences Between Imperialism And Imperialism - 1618 Words

Sovereignty- The supreme authoritative rule over a country that is usually self-governing and reserves the right to be independent instead of interfering in other countries affairs. Contrariwise, no other power, individual, government, or entity may have the jurisdiction to supercede said sovereign power. Imperialism- A powerful nation or entity that transcends their authority upon other countries and states that are not as strong in an effort to take control. The idea of imperialism originates from the belief that if the stronger nations around the globe have the ability and the resources to counterbalance the issues of other countries then they should use those capabilities to take control and stablise them. The†¦show more content†¦In this particular cartoon, it depicts him with a giant bag of money labeled â€Å"Millions for a canal† while grabbing Columbia around the neck which appears to be indicative of a sense of greedy entitlement towards the panama canal and that he will take drastic measures to attain his personal goals of the betterment of the United States. Roosevelt also has the appearance as a very determined person and an intense credence of imperialism which is explained in writing in Roosevelt s Case for Supporting the Panamanian Revolution, 1903 and The Roosevelt Corollary, 1904 . In the documents mentioned above and the cartoon, he feels an acute need to intervene in the province of other nations not conducting themselves properly and, in the event that they do not, to act with imperialistic beliefs with aggressive reforms. Yes from my perspective it would be an accurate representation of the events that precipitated in Panama. For one, President Rooseve lt was very aggressive how he went about the action and how controversial the action was when he approached congress with it. He clearly intruded upon Colombia’s sovereignty. In fact, American Passages had this to say about it, â€Å"Roosevelt’s infringement on Colombian sovereignty produced hard feelings in Latin America..† (468). The Panama Canal movement caused bitter dissension in the government and he faced a lot of opposition. Many felt that he wasShow MoreRelatedDifference Between Formal And Informal Imperialism1721 Words   |  7 PagesDIFFERENCE BETWEEN FORMAL AND INFORMAL IMPERIALISM Name University Course Tutor Date Difference between formal and informal imperialism Throughout the history of the world, different kingdoms have been competing to expand their territories. In most cases, the expansion of theses territories has been at the expense of weaker territories that are incapable of fighting back effectively owing to different barriers . For example, the Mongols expanded their territory in less than a hundred yearsRead MoreDifferences Between Nationalism And Imperialism2099 Words   |  9 PagesKayla Melo J. Cormier CPW 4U1 Wednesday, October 29, 2014 Nationalism and Imperialism Whether it’s nationalism and/or imperialism we are affected by these angles all through out our lifetime, there are benefits to both nationalism and imperialism such that each can favorably support their nations respectively. These two features can be very powerful forces that can bring a nation together in its greatest time of need but may be able to subjugate another nation. By definition, nationalism is a patrioticRead MoreDifferences Between 16th and 19th Century Imperialism1896 Words   |  8 PagesThe Differences Between 16th and 19th Century Imperialism and their Effects on the World Today. Name: Mr. Big Student #: C10539956 Course: INS 201 Professor: Dr. Ventricle 1. What is ‘imperialism’? How did 19th-century colonialism, empire building, high imperialism differ from those of earlier times: in particular from the colonialism of early- modern mercantilism (16th to18th centuries)? ------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------Read MoreImperialism and Colonialism Essay541 Words   |  3 PagesImperialism Imperialism is the policy or practice of a country extending its control over a foreign country’s land, economic life, or political system. The ruling country usually does this through conquest, and the native people of the nation being taken over are often suppressed. If a nation takes over the government of another territory militarily or through political means, then this is called direct imperialism. Indirect imperialism is when a region is self-governing but another country takesRead MoreA Passage to India: Imperialism1677 Words   |  7 PagesDiscuss Forster’s portrayal of Imperialism in the novel a passage to India A passage to India by E.M.Forster is a novel which deals largely with the political, economic and social takeover of India by the British Crown. The novel deals widely with colonialism and more specifically, imperialism. Forster presents the theme in question through the lives and minds of the characters from both the Indians and the English people. There is no subjective undertone to the novel and we see clearly how eachRead MoreCompare and Contrast the Influence and Consequence of European Imperialism on Africa and China During the 19th Century.748 Words   |  3 Pagesconsequence of European Imperialism on Africa and China during the 19th century. Imperialism is when one country dominates the cultural, economic, and political life of a nation weaker than itself. In the 19th century, Europe was the nation that was dominating both China and Africa. There were quite a few similarities in the way that European imperialism was changing these nations. One important similarity was that both the nations had resisted against British imperialism at one point. HoweverRead MoreImperialism In South Africa Essay1299 Words   |  6 PagesNasrallah, a political figure for Lebanon, â€Å"So long as there is imperialism in the world, a permanent peace is impossible†. Throughout history the countries that have experienced imperialism from other countries have seen how it brings only conflicts and not peace. Africa has been one of the largest places to experience imperialism. Imperialism has affected Africa in many ways for a long time. However, one specific example of how imperialism brought anguish to people is the country of South Afr ica. AnRead MoreThe Holocaust And Western Imperialism And The Holocaust1271 Words   |  6 Pagesatrocities. This has to be done since normal individuals cannot justify to themselves that they are immoral. Both western imperialism and the Holocaust had their atrocities justified by the illusion of progress. Even though numerous millions of people were slaughtered in these campaigns, many of the people doing the killing, believed that it was for the greater good. Western imperialism used the notion of bettering the native population and expansion in order to justify their mass killings. On the otherRead MoreEssay on Colonialism and Imperialism - The White Mans Burden1602 Words   |  7 PagesImperialism: The White Mans Burden      Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   In one of his most famous poems, Rudyard Kipling said, Take up the white mans burden! (146). He was only one of many who believed in the virtues of imperialism in the late nineteenth and the early twentieth centuries. During that period, imperialism was on the rise, and Africa was being swallowed up by competing European nations. The imperialists had many arguments supporting imperialism. They said it was beneficial and, in some cases, essentialRead MoreGlobalization: Western Imperialism by Another Name Essay934 Words   |  4 Pages In our modern society the distance between individual nations is becoming smaller and gradually less important. As international trade and investment grow, the economies of these nations are becoming more integrated. This phenomenon has been labelled as globalisation. On the surface, globalisation seems like the most favourable path for the evolution of society, yet it can be argued that eventually the economy will be controlled by a few major organisations, remaining

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Linguistic Relativity Hypothesis Free Essays

There are around 5000 languages in use today, and each is quite different from many of the others. Many thinkers have urged that large differences in language lead to large differences in experience and thought. They hold that each language embodies a worldview, which speakers of different languages think about the world in quite different ways. We will write a custom essay sample on Linguistic Relativity Hypothesis or any similar topic only for you Order Now At first I didn’t really understood what was being said, and I was really against it, but after asking myself, really? Knowing a different amount of words to describe things would allow us to better understand and communicate, interesting than as we started the color activity it became clear to me. Then immediately I started making connections to friends of mines form other foreign countries. Sometimes we have difficulties explain things to each other, things that are often the same, but because of where he’s from and the way their communication methods (Grammar, metaphors, Pragmatics, Semantics, Lexicon) are structured makes it difficult, to understand him being I’m form a different part of the world, meaning a different form of communication method, with a different set of rules. Form what I have read and understand the most important discussions of the linguistic relativity hypothesis have focused on grammar and lexicon which seem to be the most valid in my opinion. Why? I’m guessing it have something to do with the way we talk, and the influence it have on a lot of how much we understand, based on our vocabulary choices and makeup. For example a typical word order may vary in English; the common order is subject, verb, and object. In Japanese it is subject, object, and verb, and in Latin several different spin (word order). Languages can differ in whether they make a distinction between intransitive verbs and adjectives; there are many subtler sorts of grammatical difference as well. Grammar here does not mean the grammar we learned in grammar school, but the syntactic structure of a language; in the sense that grammar contains a set of rules that can generate all and only the sentences of a given language. How to cite Linguistic Relativity Hypothesis, Essay examples

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Napoleon Bonaparte free essay sample

Napoleon Bonaparte was a military and political leader of France who made significant mistakes leading him to his downfall. Napoleon was a man obsessed with power and wealth. He was well known for his genius abilities of leading a full army, and winning impossible battles. Napoleon felt confident and believed he was more powerful than ever. But every single one of his accomplishments led him to wanting more, which is when everything began to go wrong. He made choices that were no good to France and it’s citizens. Napoleon’s three main errors will be explained in the following essay. Bonaparte’s first great mistake was indeed the Continental System. The continental system was a foreign policy. It was basically a strict restriction against British trade. Napoleon’s reason to such bizarreness was to attempt an invasion on the UK, and to defeat the Royal Navy at sea. He did not accomplish these attempts. We will write a custom essay sample on Napoleon Bonaparte or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Napoleon then had the European nation under his full control, this only led to a very large debt. Eventually, Napoleon’s embargo failed miserably. The effect of this was very bad. Food imports in Britain dropped, and mainly the price of foods increased. This forced the Britain’s to begin smuggling with Continental Europe. But, even so, the continental system was not only affecting Europe and Britain, it was affecting many other nations, and France was on the list. Many industries that relied oversea markets began to decline, as well as buildings, and rope making. Profits were lost and no good was being done anywhere around. Napoleon caused much damaged to many, giving him the bad reputation that he began to gain, and mainly, his way on toward his downfall. Another well known mistake led to no good for the French as well. Napoleon did not learn from his first error, so he decided to take over and invade Russia. This was his most well known mistake. On 1812, the Russian defeated the French army that marked a hard hit to Napoleon’s ambition of invasion. The loss of the French was mainly because of an unintelligent move by Bonaparte. Bonaparte decided to move with his troops at a very wrong time, and the weather basically got the best of them. Napoleon realized that the weather was not good for them too late. Once they backed down, winter became their great major effect. He lost about 30,000 of his troops, and all because of the extremely low temperatures that led to diseases, and abandonment. Bad luck was what this basically was for Napoleon. This all influenced their great loss. The Russians managed to defeat the undefeated and invincible military genius that Napoleon was, and all for the smallest wrong move. Napoleon was replaced by Louis the 18th after this incident. He was banished to Elba, an island in the Mediterranean sea. Napoleon did not give up so easily. He managed to escape Elba, and yet make the last mistake he needed to literally complete his fall. Napoleon was so captivated by his failures that he decided to prove others wrong, that he can be that military genius everyone knew about. But, all did not go so well. Napoleon governed what was known as the Hundred Days War. This war led them to a place called Waterloo, where the definite battle of the campaign took place. After three days in Waterloo, Napoleon decided he couldn’t go any longer. He had never given up before, but he realized he had nothing. He was an outlaw, and many were against him. His troops were growing smaller and smaller, as attacks kept on coming in, and there was no sense in victory for him. This is when Napoleon Bonaparte finally decided to surrender himself to the British Captain Frederick Maitland. Napoleon was then exiled to the island of Saint Helena where he later died on May of 1821. His mistake was, the fact that he still went back to fight, when he could have just surrendered in the first place. Bonaparte was indeed a great man, and he still had the reputation of the great Military genius, but his force did not let him be the good man he once was. Bonaparte committed many mistakes that simply shouldn’t have happened. These three major mistakes are just three in a variety of small others. Ambition and obsession never leads to any good. Napoleon had to learn that the hard way. Napoleon Bonaparte free essay sample A Military Genius Carlos Sahagun Cordova High School Franklin Per. 3 January 31, 2013 Sahagun 2 Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleon Bonaparte I chose Napoleon Bonaparte because he is one of the greatest military leaders that has ever lived. As a child, Napoleon excelled in military school and was always ahead of the game. At an early age of 10, Napoleon was accepted into the French Military School of Aristocrats. From there on he came to be one of the most successful and brilliant military leaders of all time. Sahagun 3 Napoleon Bonaparte Napoleon Bonaparte: A Military Genius Napoleon Bonaparte was born on August 14 of 1769 in the Corsican city of Ajaccio. He was the fourth child out of eleven. Napoleon’s father was a member of a well known, noble family. Napoleon began his military education at a young age of ten in 1779. He started his educational career at the French Military School of Aristocrats. He then transferred to the College of Brienne. We will write a custom essay sample on Napoleon Bonaparte or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page A more difficult, sophisticated school. While studying at the College of Brienne, he was made fun of for his lower social class and the disability of not being able to speak French very well and his small body. They called him â€Å"little corporal†. Although he had to live with unsupporting peers every day, he was always above everyone. When French officials saw his talent, he was promoted and turned into a Second Lieutenant for the French army in 1785. In 1792, he was in a power struggle between the opposing forces of Pasquale Paoli. This was a struggle for the independence of Corsica. When Paoli was successful, he forced Napoleon and his family to go back to France. As a result of defeat, Napoleon started his new military career in France. He unknowingly started the French Revolution when he defeated the British at the battle of Toulan and regained control of Corsica again. He then moved into Paris and overthrew King Louis the 16th. Soon after, Napoleon was winning battle after battle Sahagun 4 Napoleon Bonaparte against Prussian, Russian, English, Austrian, and Swiss armies. Napoleon was later named first consul, or leader of the government. Soon after he was named Emperor of France. As emperor, Napoleon improved living conditions in France significantly. He established a Bank of France, redesigned education, and created a new legal system known as the Code Napoleon. By 1802, Napoleon was given the political position of First Consul for life. In 1805, the British destroyed the French in a naval battle known as â€Å"The Battle of Trafalgar†. That was the beginning of Napoleon’s fall from power. When the British destroyed the French they lost many battleships to England. As an act to regain control, Napoleon introduced the Continental System. A blockade that was set around the borders of what he controlled. His intentions were to stop all trade with England and weaken England financially. It was a terrible failure. Almost every trading post ignored their orders and kept trade going. In Spain in 1808, the Peninsular War broke out when Spain denied Napoleon’s brother Joseph as king. At the same time, Russia broke peace with Napoleon after breaking the Continental System’s rules. As a result Napoleon decided to invade Russia and attempt to  take control of it. This was Napoleon’s worst mistake. Lack of supplies, disease, and cold weather killed 500,000 of Napoleon’s men. When he returned to Paris, Britain, Prussia, Austria, and Sweden formed a coalition against him and defeated him. He got exiled to the island of Elba. Meanwhile in France, King Louis the 16th’s brother, King Louis the 17th, was called to the Sahagun 5 Napoleon Bonaparte throne. When Napoleon found out what was happening in France he escaped from the island of Elba and landed in southern France. With an army of 1,500 soldiers he marched to Paris gaining more men as he went along. As word flew across France, Britain and Prussia found out and they formed another coalition against Napoleon. At the Battle of Waterloo, Napoleon was defeated once again and forced to step down a second time. He was then exiled to the small island of St. Helena in the southern part of the Atlantic Ocean. There he spent the rest of his life until he died of cancer on May 5th of 1821. Napoleon Bonaparte is classified as the best military leader of all time by many historians. No matter what the circumstances were every time, he never gave up. He was always ready for battle and never afraid of anything. Napoleon was a great military leader, politician, and last but most definitely not least, a great person. He lived in the hearts of the French who believed in him, and he now lives in all the hearts of the French who adore all his efforts that brought France their independence. Sahagun 6 Napoleon Bonaparte References Napoleon Bonaparte Biography. (2013). Advameg, Inc. Retrieved from http://www. notablebiographies. com/Mo-Ni/Napoleon-Bonaparte. html

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More You Should Know about Hercules

More You Should Know about Hercules What You Should Know About Hercules | More You Should Know About Hercules | 12 Labors Hercules (Greek: Heracles/Herakles) Basics: Hercules was Apollo and Dionysus half-brother through their father Zeus. Disguised as Amphitryon, Zeus paid a conjugal visit to Amphitryons wife, Hercules mother, the Mycenaean princess Alcmene. Hercules and his twin, mortal, half-brother Iphicles, son of Alcmene and the real Amphitryon, were in their cradle when a pair of snakes visited them. Hercules happily strangled the snakes, possibly sent by Hera or Amphitryon. This inaugurated an extraordinary career that included the well-known 12 labors Hercules performed for his cousin Eurystheus. Here are more of Hercules feats with which you should be familiar. Education Hercules was talented in many areas. Castor of the Dioscuri taught him to fence, Autolycus taught him to wrestle, King Eurytus of Oechalia in Thessaly taught him archery, and Orpheus brother Linus, son of Apollo or Urania, taught him to play the lyre. [Apollodorus.] Cadmus is usually attributed with introducing letters into Greece, but Linus taught Hercules, and the not very academically inclined Hercules broke a chair over Linus head and killed him. Elsewhere, Cadmus is credited with killing Linus for the honor of introducing writing to Greece. [Source: Kerenyi, Heroes of the Greeks] Hercules and the Daughters of Thespius King Thespius had 50 daughters and wanted Hercules to impregnate them all. Hercules, who went hunting with King Thespius each day, was unaware that each nights woman was different (although he may not have cared), and so he impregnated 49 or 50 of them. The women gave birth to 51 sons who are said to have colonized Sardinia. Hercules and the Minyans or How He Acquired His First Wife The Minyans were exacting a heavy tribute from Thebes the usually cited birthplace of the hero while it was ruled by King Creon. Hercules encountered the Minyan ambassadors en route to Thebes and cut off their ears and noses, made them wear their bits as necklaces, and sent them back home. The Minyans sent retaliatory a military force, but Hercules defeated it and freed Thebes from the tribute. Creon rewarded him with his daughter, Megara, for his wife. The Augean Stables Reprised, With Dishonor King Augeas had refused to pay Hercules for cleaning his stables during the 12 Labors, so Hercules led a force against Augeas and his twin nephews. Hercules contracted a disease and asked for a truce, but the twins knew it was too good an opportunity to miss. They continued to try to annihilate Hercules forces. When the Isthmian Games were about to begin, the twins set out for them, but by this time, Hercules was on the mend. After dishonorably attacking and killing them, Hercules went to Elis where he installed Augeas son, Phyleus, on the throne in place of his treacherous father. More Hercules Dishonor Madness Euripides tragedy Hercules Furens is one of the sources for the madness of Hercules. The story, like most of those involving Hercules, has confusing and contradictory details, but in essence, Hercules, returning from the Underworld in some confusion, mistook his own sons, ones he had with Creons daughter Megara, for those of Eurystheus. Hercules killed them and would have continued his murderous rampage had Athena not lifted the (Hera-sent) madness or ate. Many consider the 12 Labors Hercules performed for Eurystheus his atonement. Hercules may have married Megara to his nephew Iolaus before leaving Thebes forever. Hercules Fight With Apollo Iphitus was the son of Apollos grandson Eurytus, who was the father of the beautiful Iole. In Book 21 of the Odyssey, Odysseus obtains the bow of Apollo when he helps in the hunt for Eurytus mares. Another part of the story is that when Iphitus came to Hercules looking for the missing dozen mares, Hercules welcomed him as a guest, but then hurled him to his death from a tower. This was another dishonorable murder for which Hercules needed to atone. The provocation may have been that Eurytus denied him the prize of his daughter, Iole, that Hercules had won in a bow-shooting contest. Possibly in search of atonement, Hercules arrived at the sanctuary of Apollo at Delphi, where as a murderer he was denied sanctuary. Hercules took the opportunity to steal the tripod and cauldron of Apollos priestess. Apollo came after him and was joined by his sister, Artemis. On Hercules side, Athena joined the fight. It took Zeus and his thunderbolts to put an end to the fighting, but Hercules still hadnt made atonement for his act of murder. Apollo, Asclepius, and Admetus On a related note, Apollo and Hercules both confronted Laomedon, an early king of Troy who refused to pay either Apollo or Hercules. Hercules and Omphale For atonement, Hercules was to endure a similar term to the one Apollo had served with Admetus. Hermes sold Hercules as a slave to the Lydian queen Omphale. In addition to getting her pregnant and tales of transvestism, the story of the Cercopes and the Black-bottomed Hercules comes from this period. Omphale (or Hermes) also set Hercules to work for a treacherous robber named Syleus. With wanton vandalism, Hercules demolished the thiefs property, killed him, and married his daughter, Xenodike. Hercules Last Mortal Wife Deianeira The final phase of Hercules mortal life involves his wife Deianeira, daughter of Dionysus (or King Oineus) and Althaia. Exchange and the Maiden When Hercules was taking his bride home, the centaur Nessus was to ferry her across the Euenos River. The details are varied, but Hercules shot Nessus with poisoned arrows when he heard the screaming of his bride being ravaged by the centaur. The centaur persuaded Deianeira to fill her water jug with blood from his wound, assuring her it would be a potent love potion when next Hercules eye started to wander. Instead of being a love potion, it was a potent poison. When Deianeira thought Hercules was losing interest, preferring Iole to herself, she sent him a robe drenched in the centaurs blood. As soon as Hercules put it on his skin burned intolerably. Poisoned Clothing Hercules wanted to die  but was having trouble finding someone to set his funeral pyre alight so he could self-immolate. Finally, Philoctetes or his father agreed and received Hercules bow and arrows as a thanks offering. These turned out to be essential weapons required by the Greeks to win the Trojan War. As Hercules burned, he was taken to the gods and goddesses where he gained full immortality and Heras daughter Hebe for his final wife. Philoctetes - The Difficult PatientBulfinch: Hercules - Hebe and GanymedeDeath of Hercules

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The best references to give on a job application

The best references to give on a job application Your job references aren’t just warm bodies who can verify that you’re â€Å"the best employee ever, and a totally great fit for [insert job here].† If done thoughtfully, your references can help you create a specific â€Å"hire me because I have these skills† narrative, or support the one you’ve set up in your cover letter, resume, and interview. The groundwork for these references should be done ahead of time, before you even think about applying for a job. That way, they’re ready to go when you need them- and won’t be taken by surprise when someone calls them for a reference. So who should be included on your list of professional references?Your current bossThis is complicated if you’re looking for jobs on the down-low, but if it’s an open concept that you’re leaving your current job and looking for a new one, your current manager is the best bet. He or she knows you as you are right now and can speak to recent accomplishments. Before you offer up your current boss, though, it’s important to know roughly what they’ll say. If there are any concerns or uneasiness about that, then leave them off the list.Your current colleaguesThis can be a great alternative if you don’t want your current boss to know you’re actively seeking another job. A trusted colleague (one who can keep a secret) who works closely with you can be an excellent reference to have, since they know you in a day-to-day professional capacity. Ask him or her to talk about specific projects and what you’re like as a team member.Your former supervisorAn old boss can be useful because they can give the hiring manager a sense of what you’re like as an employee, but the risk here is that their professional information about you may be a little out of date. And as with referring your current boss, it’s important to know roughly what they’re going to say. If you think they might w ant to talk about some of your less-than-stellar moments, then think twice about including them.Your teachers or advisorsThis isn’t all that helpful if you’ve been in the workforce for a while, but if you’re a recent grad or just starting out, professors or advisors can tell the company about your skills and personality.Once you’ve decided who your go-to references are for this job application, be sure to give them a heads-up that they may be contacted. Also give them information about the job itself and what you’re hoping they’ll emphasize in their chat with the new company. There’s only so much you can stage-manage what this person will say, but giving them a template of sorts helps them prepare and find the most useful information to share about you. It takes some of the onus off of them to figure out what they’re supposed to talk about.It’s also important to make sure your references are targeted to the job you want. If you’re applying for a marketing job, your old boss at your summer restaurant job might not be the most useful person to help you get this new gig. The more thought and preparation you put into your reference list, the better and more focused information they’ll be able to provide.

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To investigate how iPhone maker Apple competes across the Smartphone Dissertation

To investigate how iPhone maker Apple competes across the Smartphone market - Dissertation Example The marketing of the iPhone was done in tandem with the branding that Apple had in place, providing a platform from which to launch the revolutionary product. This study will look at the ways in which the market has been cornered by the product and what ways the perception of the product affects its popularity. Through the use of the grounding theory, a primary study has been made with a participant group of fifty users of Smartphones. Through the information provided by the questionnaire, the popularity of the iPhone has been examined and the ways in which it was successfully marketed has been explored. Table of Contents Abstract Table of Contents Chapter One: Introduction 1.1 The Marketing and Demand for the iPhone 1.2 Challenges presented by the iPhone within the Market 1.3 Research Objectives 1.3.1 To evaluate the effectiveness of the marketing strategy used by Apple 1.3.2 To investigate the quality and usability of product by Apple 1.3.3 To determine the outcome of customer sati sfaction with the Apple iPhone 1.4 Research Questions 1.4 Overview of Chapters Chapter Two Literature Review 2.1 Introduction 2.2 Smartphone Technology 2.3 The iPhone Release 2.4 Marketing Strategy 2.5 Competition in the UK Market 2.6 Chapter Summary Chapter Three: Methodology 3.1 Overall Research Plan 3.2 Research Design 3.3 Population and Sampling Size 3.3.1 Population 3.3.2 Sampling 3.4 Data Collection 3.4.1 Primary Data Data Collection Methods Pilot Study Data Collection Time Table 3.4.2 Secondary Data 3.5 Data Analysis 3.6 Research Limitations 3.7 Chapter Summary Chapter Four: Data and Analysis 4.1 Introduction 4.2 Profile of the Respondents 4.3 Findings 4.4 Analysis Chapter Five: Conclusion and Recommendations 5.1 Introduction 5.2 Theoretical Implications 5.3 Managerial Implications 5.4 Limitations of the Study 5.5 Future Direction of Research 5.6 Summary References Appendix 1 Appendix 2 The iPhone: A study on the marketing strategies and the perception s of consumers about the Apple iPhone Chapter One: Introduction 1.1 The Marketing and Demand for the iPhone In the last decade, the creation of Smartphone technology has revolutionized the communications business. One of the initial products that was brought out into the public was the Apple iPhone. This product created a sensation that has yet to be rivaled by any other communications product to date. It hit the market with such force that it was sold out quickly and was on backorder for months after its release. The deal that Steve Jobs made with AT&T meant that only one wireless provider would have the product, thus creating a demand for AT&T service, but creating a necessity for other manufacturers to rush to mimic the product so other providers could carry the same type of communication advantages. In the UK, the iPhone can be used with a number of providers. According to the Apple website, prepaid service with Vodafone and Orange is available, along with service on monthly pla ns from O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Three, and Vodaphone (Apple 2011). The iPhone is the most used form of Smartphone technology within the UK. Through this study, the iPhone will be researched in order to discover why this phone has this depth of popularity and how the marketing has contributed to its large market share. 1.2 Challenges presented by the iPhone within the Market The iPhone is a revolution in the communications industry, creating an elite consumer who has a product that is in high